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Charging Pile

  • Double Gun Smart EV Charger

    Double Gun Smart EV Charger

    Double Gun 60KW Smart EV Charger Description: DC charging station is mainly used for electric vehicle fast charging. Products can be installed outdoors, with waterproof, dustproof design IP54. This DC fast charging station has charging interface, man- machine interface,... Contact Now
  • Floor 60KW DC EV Charger

    Floor 60KW DC EV Charger

    Floor type 60KW DC EV Charger Company profile Sunda New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd was established in September 2014 with a registered capital of RMB 148.18 million.Technically supported by the School of material engineering of Central-South University,Sunda focus on R&D... Contact Now
  • 3.5KW Convenient Charger

    3.5KW Convenient Charger

    *security protection function 1、It has emergency stop switch, which can be stopped urgently by manual or remote communication; 2 、It has leakage protection function on the output side; 3 、It has over-current and short-circuit protection on the output side; 4 、It has a flame... Contact Now
  • 7KW EV Charging

    7KW EV Charging

    1. Environmental conditions 1 Working environment temperature: -20 ° C ~ +50 ° C; 2 Relative humidity: 5%~95%; ③ Altitude :≤1000m; 4 Installation location: outdoor; 5 seismic capacity: ground level acceleration of 0.3g; The vertical acceleration of the ground is 0.15g; The... Contact Now
  • 3.5KW Portable AC Charging Pile

    3.5KW Portable AC Charging Pile

    3.5KW Portable AC Charging Pile Product Introduction: 1、Simple operation:Plug and recharge without any other operations 2、Easy carry:Carry it with you and charge it anytime and anywhere. Use a home air conditioner socket to charge; 3、Safe and stable :With lightning... Contact Now
  • 7KW AC Charger

    7KW AC Charger

    Product name:7KW AC charger Description: 1.Good quality 2.Good performance 3.Long life time 4.Safety and reliable 5.Easy to use Product parameter: Contact Now
  • 7KW Wall Mounted AC Charger

    7KW Wall Mounted AC Charger

    Product name: 7KW Wall Mounted AC charger(wall-mounted type) Description: 1.Charging plies provides the power to EV battery system . 2.AC charging pile of electric vehicle is suitable for underground garages, residential quarters, private and public parking lots, shopping... Contact Now
  • 7KW Wall Mounted Charger

    7KW Wall Mounted Charger

    Production name :7KW Wall Mounted charger Description: The AC charging pile is composed of pile body, electric module and metering module. The pile body includes shell and interaction interface of human-machine, the electrical module includes a charging socket and power... Contact Now
  • 7KW AC EV Charger

    7KW AC EV Charger

    Product name: 7KW AC EV charger Description: The AC charging pile of electric vehicle is one of charging device that provide AC power to electric vehicles and connects with AC power grid. The charging pile adopts way to provide interaction interface of human-machine and AC... Contact Now
  • 7KW Portable EV Charger

    7KW Portable EV Charger

    Product name:7KW Portable EV charger Description: 1: AC charging pile, commonly known as "slow charging", provides power supply for AC power supply for electric vehicle to charging. 2: AC charging piles (plugs) shall comply with IP55 (outdoors) and be equipped with... Contact Now
  • 7KW Smart EV Charger

    7KW Smart EV Charger

    Product name : 7KW Smart EV charger Description: Electric Vehicle 7KW AC charging pile can provide the essential AC power supply for electric car battery, and is the main way to charge for electric cars.It is fixed in different places to charge for private cars and other... Contact Now
  • 7KW Indoor AC Charger

    7KW Indoor AC Charger

    Product name: 7KW Indoor AC charger Description: (1) Use industrial waterproof matrix keyboard / touch-pad, long service life, process man-machine interaction function (2) It has the protection functions of output side leakage protection, output side over-current protection,... Contact Now
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