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12 M Pure Battery Electrical Vehicle

12 M Pure Battery Electrical Vehicle

The charging current and power of this charging mode are relatively low, which has little impact on the battery life and the power grid. It can improve the charging efficiency and delay the battery's service life. It can also make full use of electric power charging at the low ebb and reduce......

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The charging current and power of this charging mode are relatively low, which has little impact on the battery life and the power grid. It can improve the charging efficiency and delay the battery's service life. It can also make full use of electric power charging at the low ebb and reduce the operating cost.Dual charge can be used, full for 1 hour

Human nature:

1. Fully load-bearing body structure, body and underframe are simulated by finite element analysis and multi- working condition test to ensure the safety of passengers and important parts.

2. Interior air purification system to ensure good interior air quality.

3. The air suspension configuration greatly improves the ride comfort and smoothness of the vehicle.

4. The power system adopts the combination of double motor and AMT, with lighter weight.In order to meet the requirements of climbing and speed, economy is improved.

5. The use of grade 1 steps with low entrance and flat wide tires provides wheelchair access, which is very user-friendly.Two steps can be chosen.


1. CAN bus system is adopted to build a safe and reliable vehicle intelligent system platform.

2. Equipped with travel recorder and interior video monitoring and recording system, which is more intelligent.

Environmental protection and energy-saving:

1. Zero emissions, low noise and truly realizing green traffic.

2.LED lighting system with high brightness, long life and low energy consumption.

3. The braking energy recovery system can further reduce energy consumption and braking noise, and at the same time, the braking efficiency can be improved to extend the braking life, which is suitable for the frequent urban braking conditions.

4. Equipped with the integrated cooling and heating air conditioning and energy recovery system for the trolley, it can further reduce the energy consumption of the car and improve the energy utilization efficiency of the whole car.

Provide complete solution from vehicle, charging facility, monitoring system, dispatching system to platform planning and construction.

Model information

Announcement model


Fuel type


Announcement batch

307 batches

Recommended directory

Batch 5 in 2018

Exempt catalog

Batch 18

Basic parameters

Body size length * width * height (mm)


Curing quality (kg)


Approach / departure angle(.)


Maximum total mass (kg)


Minimum turning diameter (m)


Front overhang / rear overhang (mm)


Wheelbase (mm)


Track front/back (mm)


Number of guests


Maximum speed (km/h)


Step type

Secondary step

Three-electric system

Electric drive system

Permanent magnet synchronous motor TZ420XSCD1, rated power 100kw, peak power 250 kw

Energy storage system

Lithium iron phosphate battery, total storage capacity 50.457kwh

Types of


Voltage platform (V)


Nominal capacity


Pure electric range (km)


charging method

Constant current charging

Engine system

engine model


Engine type

Inline six-cylinder water-cooled direct injection supercharged intercooled high pressure common rail

Rated power (kW/rpm)


Displacement (L)


Rated torque (Nm/rpm)



AMT gearbox


Basic parameters

Chassis configuration

Chassis model


Front axle

I-shaped section, two-end boxing, domestic bridge, axle load 6.4t

Rear axle

I-shaped section, two ends of the box, domestic bridge, axle load 11.5t  



steering system

Integral power steering, steering wheel up and down, front and rear adjustable (double boost).

Braking System

Front and rear independent double pipeline air brake and spring energy storage parking brake, front disc rear drum brake, air brake, ABS

Suspension system

The first 3 rear 4 leaf springs, two-way hydraulic cylinder shock absorber.

Gas cylinder

720L: 6*120L winding bottle

Body configuration


Load-bearing, rectangular steel tube skeleton, side wall and ceiling are rolled and skinned, front and rear are pressed for steel plate

Passenger door

Front double middle and double electric controlled pneumatic inner swing door

Side window

Bonding structure, in-line sliding window

Front windshield

Panoramic laminated safety glass  

Rear windshield

Bonded tempered glass


1 safety sunroof with ventilating fan


Left front sunshade, driver side sunshade



PVC board floor leather


Aluminum alloy handrail

Air conditioning duct

ABS air duct


Blister molding

Interior wall panels and interiors

Matte composite PVC board

Driver's chair

Up and down, front and back, backrest angle adjustable, with three-point seat belt.

Passenger chair

19-40 seats, carrying 95,82 guests.

Passenger chair with plastic seat, color and interior overall match

rearview mirror


Fire extinguisher

2 4kg manual fire extinguishers in the car;

Battery compartment and rear compartment are equipped with self-contained fire extinguishers.



safety hammer

Configured according to standard requirements

trash can

Stainless steel trash can

Electrical configuration

Electronic street sign

LED electronic street sign, front and rear side layout


6-QA-105, two

Car light

Ceiling type LED lamp

Rear high brake light


Inspection light

Rear cabin inspection light, rear door proximity switch

air conditioning

Non-independent air conditioner, cooling capacity 32000kcal/h

Defrost system

Engine waste heat defroster

Heating system

Exhaust heating plumbing


For scraping, with spray

CAN bus

CAN meter + bus


Reserve IC card swipe machine, slot machine, GPS car, video surveillance car, center door and reversing head and other wiring harnesses and positions


Three-electric system warranty

8 years

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