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6M Electric Car Charging Mini Bus

6M Electric Car Charging Mini Bus

6M Electric Car Charging Mini Bus The Benefits of Electric Vehicles There are many benefits to owning an electric vehicle, and with technology continuously advancing, there will only continue to be more. 1. They are cheaper to operate and maintain. One of the best things about owning an electric......

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6M Electric Car Charging Mini Bus


Model information

Announcement model


Fuel type

Pure electric

Announcement batch

Batch 311

Recommended directory

10th batch in 2018

Exempt catalog

First batch

Basic parameters

Body size length * width * height (mm)


Curing quality (kg)


Approach / departure angle(.)


Maximum total mass (kg)


Minimum turning diameter (m)


Front overhang / rear overhang (mm)


Wheelbase (mm)


Track front/back (mm)


Number of guests


Maximum speed (km/h)


Step type

Secondary step

Three-electric system

Electric drive system

Permanent magnet synchronous motor, rated power 60kw, peak power 110 kw

Energy storage system

Lithium iron phosphate battery in Ningde era, the total storage capacity is 81.95kwh,

Energy density: 140.13 wh / kg

Voltage platform


Nominal capacity


Cruising range (equal speed method)


Charging rate


Charging time


Charging mode

Slow charge

Vehicle parameters


Basic parameters


Chassis model


Front axle

Domestic bridge, axle load 2.7t

Rear axle

Domestic bridge, axle load 5.0t (speed ratio 6.14)



steering system

Integral power steering

Braking System

Front and rear independent double pipe air brake and spring energy storage parking brake, front disc rear brake, ABS

Suspension system

Front 3 rear 4 leaf springs



Loaded rectangular steel tube skeleton, side wall and ceiling are rolled and skinned, front and rear are pressed by steel plate, and vehicle cathode electrophoresis

Passenger door

Medium and rear single electronically controlled pneumatic inner swing door (optional double approach door or middle and rear passenger door, cancel the left emergency door)

Side window

Bonding structure, in-line sliding window

Front windshield

Panoramic laminated safety glass  

Rear windshield

Bonded tempered glass


Left front sunshade, driver side sunshade


1 safety sunroof with ventilating fan



PVC board floor leather


Plastic steel pipe handrail

Air conditioning duct

ABS air duct


Blister molding

Interior wall panels and interiors

Matte composite PVC wallboard and roofing and bamboo flooring

Driver's chair

Up and down, front and back, backrest angle adjustable, with three-point seat belt.

Passenger chair

9 seats (optional 9-14 seats), with 38 guests.

Passenger chair with plastic seat, color and interior overall match

rearview mirror


Fire extinguisher

1 4kg manual fire extinguisher in the car;

Battery compartment and rear compartment are equipped with self-contained fire extinguishers.



safety hammer

Configured according to standard requirements

trash can

Stainless steel trash can

Electric appliance

Electronic street sign

LED electronic street sign, front and rear side layout


6-QA-80Ah, two

Car light

Ceiling type LED lamp

Rear brake light


Inspection light

Rear cabin inspection light, rear door proximity switch

air conditioning

Pure electric inverter air conditioner

Defrost system

High voltage defroster


For scraping, with spray

CAN bus

CAN meter + bus


LED electronic road sign, spray-on wiper wiper, reserved IC card credit card machine, coin-operated machine, GPS car-mounted machine, video monitor, middle door and reversing monitoring harness and position


Three-electric system warranty

Warranty 8 years

The Benefits of Electric Vehicles

There are many benefits to owning an electric vehicle, and with technology continuously advancing, there will only continue to be more.

1. They are cheaper to operate and maintain. One of the best things about owning an electric vehicle is all the money you save. An average American burns around 525 gallons of fuel a year– that sounds expensive. One of the obvious benefits is the elimination of the need to ever gas up, meaning your gas money can go towards something else.

And while the price of gas is always uncertain, an EV offers a more stable maintenance cost as they do not require gas, oil changes and other maintenance costs of a gasoline-powered car, just the occasional tire rotation and air check. Plus, all the cost of electric vehicles and their maintenance is expected to drop over the next five years as the technology improves.

2. Ride in (quieter) style. Since electric vehicles run off the pure power of electricity, they are zippier and provide a smoother ride without the roar of an engine, meaning you get some peace and quiet on your commute. One ride in an EV and you’ll never want to return to your clunky, gas-guzzling car.

3. They’re good for the environment. Obviously, this is one of the main reasons why anyone would want to drive an electric vehicle. Electric vehicles can drastically decrease the amount of emissions that contribute to global warming and pollution. Electric vehicles can not only help combat global warming, but also help improve overall public health.

4. You can charge at home. Imagine refueling your car in the comfort of your own home. That’s possible with an electric vehicle. It’s easy to install a charging station in your home– plus, many states offer incentives, like tax breaks, if you get a charging station in your home.

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