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18 years is the rapid development of low-speed electric vehicles
Nov 08, 2018

2018 is a period of rapid development of low-speed electric vehicles. With the help of the big environment, both scale and quantity will be developed in an unprecedented way, showing a great situation.  The booming of the low-speed electric vehicle industry is the result of a combination of internal and external factors.  

External factors -: the introduction of favorable policies

In terms of policy, the "2018 New Energy Vehicle Standardization Work Points" released on March 27, 18, will introduce low-speed electric vehicles into the category of new energy vehicles in advance.  Many experts have therefore predicted that the national standard for low-speed electric vehicles will be introduced in 18 years.  As we all know, as early as 15 years ago, the country has vigorously advocated the use of low-speed electric vehicles by official vehicles, promoted energy conservation and emission reduction, and has achieved remarkable results in many places, and has completely replaced them.

The trend of fuel vehicles.  Many local governments, such as Hainan Province, have revealed that low-speed electric vehicles will be used throughout the island by 2030.  And in December of the 17th, the State Council issued the "Administrative Measures for Official Cars of Party and Government Organs", clarifying that new energy vehicles have become a must-have model for official vehicles.  Many people in second- and third-tier cities have chosen the national electric car brand - today's sunshine.  The government's demonstration and related policies have given birth to the rapid development of low-speed electric vehicles 2018.

External factor 2: market demand continues to expand

According to the statistics of Shandong Automobile Industry Association, from January to December 2017, the cumulative output of Shandong low-speed electric vehicles was 756,000, an increase of 15.69% compared with 654,000 in the same period of 2016.  Some people in the industry predict that considering the policy and market conditions, the low-speed electric vehicle market in Shandong is estimated to be around 1 million vehicles in 2018. Today, with its superior quality and service, Sunshine is increasingly green, light, convenient, flexible and compact. Favored by the national market.  


Internal factors: the big waves of the low-speed electric vehicle industry

On January 3, 2018, the "General Plan for the Construction of Shandong New and Old Kinetic Energy Conversion Comprehensive Experimental Zone" adopted by the State Council mentioned "accelerating the elimination of low-speed electric vehicle production capacity and strictly controlling the illegal production and illegal use of low-speed electric vehicles." On the other hand, “to upgrade the low-speed electric vehicles with high-end advantages in production and to encourage the quality upgrade of excellent low-speed electric vehicle manufacturers”.  In the short-term reshuffle of the industry, in addition to the "internal worry" of competition in the industry, the competition from the traditional family car will accelerate the promotion of low-speed electric vehicles.  As a turning point of low-speed electric vehicles in 2017, many “small workshops” lacking competition have been eliminated, and the number of enterprises has dropped to about 20.  Low-quality enterprises are sinking, excellent enterprises are floating, and the industry is gradually moving toward a high-quality stage.

Source: New energy vehicle business