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Company | Vice President of Traditional Automobile Enterprise suddenly joined the new force of building a car?
Dec 10, 2018

On December 6th, Aichi Automobile officially announced that Cai Jianjun, a veteran brand marketing expert in the automotive industry, has officially joined and served as the executive vice president of Aichi Automobile. It is understood that Cai Jianjun will be in charge of the marketing, travel and smart energy of various brands of Aichi. business.


For joining Ai Chi, Cai Jianjun also expressed his gratitude to Changan, Beiqi and Baoneng. The professional accumulation of many years has become the basis for Cai Jianjun to join Ai Chi."Accepting new challenges, willing to pay extraordinary costs, returning to zero and starting with the entrepreneur's mentality is my positioning of my career planning, and I decided to take a new car," said Cai Jianjun.


In the past two years, Aichi has gradually realized a series of actions such as product design and R&D, factory construction and manufacturing, marketing and service system construction, and began to exert its efforts in marketing and service.At the different stages of development of the enterprise, the corresponding talent introduction and system construction are also the key to the steady growth of Ai Chi.


With the debut of the first product U5 gradually facing the market and consumers, the addition of Cai Jianjun will enable Aichi to adopt a marketing strategy of productization, channel layout, sales management and sales through experiential, young and technological marketing strategies. Focus on capacity improvement and other aspects, with the help of Internet marketing, new retail and other innovative means to complete the construction of Ai Chi car marketing system as soon as possible.


Fu Qiang, co-founder and president of Ai Chi Automobile, said: “Every step in starting a business is difficult. It can even be said to be a life of nine deaths. But in the face of a new era, we need to turn around and change our attitude. Looking forward to Cai Jianjun The joining has provided a new boost to Ai Chi, achieving a double breakthrough in brand and sales performance."

Source: Tencent Auto