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Concerns | Policy continues to increase, the security industry is expected to usher in an explosive growth period
Nov 07, 2018

Recently, the security industry has received much attention from the market due to repeated policy overwriting.  On July 6, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Emergency Management Department, Ministry of Finance, and Ministry of Science and Technology jointly announced the "Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Safety Industry" (hereinafter referred to as "Guiding Opinions"); October 25, Industry The Ministry of Information Technology and the Emergency Management Department jointly issued and implemented the “Guidelines for the Establishment of the National Security Industry Demonstration Park (Trial)” (hereinafter referred to as the “Guide”).

In the short term, favorable policies are intensively introduced, and the state attaches importance to the security industry.

National and local "two-pronged approach"

Since the security industry was first proposed by the State Council document in 2010, China's security industry has developed steadily. From the perspective of industrial structure, security technologies and products have developed in an intelligent direction. Active protection and intrinsic safety are increasingly becoming mainstream; on the other hand, including security evaluation. The security service industry, including security testing and security technology consulting, achieved rapid growth under the current overall market share.  The industry as a whole has been stepped into the structural adjustment period of the integration of products and services.

At the same time, we should also see that China's security industry is still in its infancy, the level of technology, equipment and services is uneven, lacking leading enterprises with international influence; lack of market cultivation, lack of understanding of development safety industry in some regions, and no formation of a security industry government Guidance mechanism; insufficient support for scientific and technological innovation, the "production, learning, research, and use" innovation system is out of touch, and the transformation mechanism of technological achievements is not yet mature.  All of the above factors have become the "roadblockers" in the development of China's security industry.

Therefore, the national level has gathered many forces and frequently injected new kinetic energy into industrial development.  The “Guide” just announced puts forward a clear boundary for the scale of the declaration of the demonstration park (including the creation). “The demonstration park is not less than 10 billion yuan (the special type area is not less than 8 billion yuan), and the establishment unit is not less than 4 billion yuan. Yuan (special type of area is not less than 3 billion yuan). At the same time, the security industry is relatively concentrated, and there are a certain number of enterprises. Among them, backbone enterprises are in the forefront of the same industry or have good development potential, and the industry is highly driven and the market prospect is good."

This means that local governments must create a national-level demonstration park, and must cultivate the development of local security industry through various channels, and make it a gathering power. Therefore, the Guide has been evaluated by the outside world as a powerful grasp from the national level to the local level. hand.

egarding how to accelerate the development of the safety industry, the “Guidance Opinion” also launched the “5+N” action plan from the national level, namely, improving the industrial technology innovation support system, improving the industry-related standard system, improving the investment and financing service system, and improving the industrial chain cooperation. The system, improve the policy system, compile a three-year plan for the promotion and application of safety products, and organize the implementation of advanced safety product application demonstrations.

Judging from the policies that have been introduced, the state and the localities face the industry's stubbornness from different channels and jointly promote industrial development.


Ministry and province cooperation

China Security Industry Conference attracts attention


There is a phenomenon that is worthy of attention. The ministry and the provincial department are also forming a concerted effort, and the form is increasingly diverse.  Following the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Emergency Management Department, and the Provincial Department of Jiangsu Province signed a strategic cooperation agreement in January this year, after the development of the industry; November 14-16 this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Emergency Management Department, Guangdong Province The government will jointly guide the 2018 China Security Industry Conference to seek common development.


The 2018 China Security Industry Conference will hold the Public Security Science and Technology Academic Annual Meeting, the Safe Travel Theme Forum, and the China Blasting Equipment Industry Association Member Representative Conference.  The annual conference on public safety science and technology is recognized as the highest academic level representing China's public safety technology. This year will consist of 18 thematic forums: “Urban Security, Social Security, Risk and Resilience, Monitoring and Control, Rescue and Handling, Emergency Management”; The Safe Travel Theme Forum focuses on the core needs of intelligent network development and explores the most forward-looking and feasible safe travel modes and ecology. The China Blasting Equipment Industry Association will explore the application and development of high-risk workplaces through technological innovation and intelligent manufacturing. To enhance the intrinsic safety of the industry.

At that time, the 2018 China Security Industry Conference will focus on the development of security industry policy measures and future trends, share advanced technologies and achievements at home and abroad, and build state-level and international exchanges and cooperation in the fields of security industry politics, production, learning, research, use, and gold. The platform is therefore expected by many parties in the market.  The press conference of the conference will be held on November 1st in the press conference hall of the People's Government of Foshan City.

Looking back at China's economic development over the past decade, many industries have grown and grown with policy support, such as smart manufacturing, 3D printing, and new energy industries.  Nowadays, with the high level of attention on the macro level, the security industry has been placed as a new growth point for the national economy.

The "Guidance Opinions" clearly states that by 2020 China's security industry will "break through a number of key technology research and development, a group of international advanced level safety equipment, more than 10 national security industry demonstration parks; more than two have strong international competitiveness Backbone enterprises and well-known brands; 100 specialized and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises. Now, only two years away from 2020, we have reason to believe that the security industry will enter a period of full-scale growth in the next few years.

Source: New Energy Vehicle Circle