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Five reasons tell you why you should choose a new energy car!
Dec 12, 2018


For the current automotive market, new energy vehicles have become the focus of many consumers.Compared with traditional cars, new energy vehicles have more advantages. For example, new energy vehicles can enjoy the national preferential policies, simpler new energy vehicles, new energy vehicles, lower vehicle costs, and lower vehicle costs. Wait.With more and more consumers of new energy vehicles, I would also like to talk about my own views on new energy vehicles, and see what the fundamental changes in new energy vehicles compared to traditional cars.



Optional models for new energy vehicles: simplifying

Consumers who have purchased traditional cars must have faced these problems.First, what displacement model is more suitable for me? Second, turbocharged and naturally aspirated engines, which one should I buy? Third, manual and automatic models, which is better? Fourth, two drives How to choose the model and the four-wheel drive model? Fifth, the comfort version, the fashion version and the luxury version, which is more cost-effective and so on.Such a problem with high difficulty selectivity, many consumers have chosen herd mentality.


But on new energy vehicles, such a difficult selection problem is much easier.For example, Tesla, which everyone is familiar with, currently has two models for sale: Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X.These two models are suitable for two-capacity motors, 75 kWh and 100 kWh. The drive types are all four-wheel drive systems, and the number of models is only three.This is obviously easier and more convenient for those with selective difficulties.The Roewe MARVEL X model is available in only the rear-drive version and the four-wheel drive version.


Human-computer interaction of new energy vehicles: online upgrade

New energy vehicles have virtually formed a concept in the minds of most consumers, that is, oversized LCD screens.In the traditional car, only the high-end models will adapt to the large-size LCD screen, but the size is far less so that the new energy vehicles are so "smothered."At the same time, in the new energy car, we also have difficulty seeing some function buttons. Even in the traditional car interior design in recent years, this function button is fleeting, and all functions are integrated in the large LCD screen inside.


Whether it's a "creative" large-size LCD screen for new energy vehicles or a large-size screen for the "latecomer" of traditional cars, they all have a very good advantage: they can build their own accounts like smartphones, and then The software is updated in real time to add some more useful features, all starting with new energy vehicles.


Dynamic performance of new energy vehicles: comparable to super running

In addition to these advantages, new energy vehicles have one of the biggest highlights is acceleration performance.The dynamic performance of some new energy vehicles has reached the super-running level. The most representative one is the Tesla Roadster. This new energy vehicle claims that the acceleration time of 100 kilometers is within 2 seconds, and the acceleration performance is comparable to that of super-run.Even BYD Tang New Energy, with the 2.0T turbocharged engine and electric motor, the official test of the 100-kilometer acceleration is also 4.5 seconds.


Since most new energy vehicles rely on pure electric motors to drive the vehicles, they can compete with super sports cars in terms of acceleration performance.Compared with the engine, the electric motor can instantaneously explode the peak torque, and the continuous power output can quickly push the vehicle forward quickly, which is comparable to the super-running acceleration performance.


New energy vehicle transmission system: single speed automatic

In the traditional car "spelling" multi-speed transmission, the vast majority of new energy vehicles are still single-speed automatic transmission, only a small number of new energy vehicles will use two-speed automatic transmission or three-speed automatic transmission.Secondly, the manual transmission mounted on the transmission car has not been seen on the new energy vehicle, and the automatic shift has been fully realized.



Power battery for new energy vehicles: Ningde era

The last point is the source of power for new energy vehicles.At present, most new energy vehicles still use power batteries as energy reserves, and of course, some new energy vehicles such as hydrogen fuel or biofuels.In the new energy vehicles with power batteries as the main source of energy, most of the battery packs are supplied by suppliers, and the current Ningde era is mainly to provide power batteries for new energy vehicles.As of the end of the third quarter of 2018, Ningde era's product market share has reached 40%, much higher than other brands.The remaining 60% of the power battery market is dominated by famous brands such as BYD, Samsung and Panasonic.


To sum up

As a future development trend of new automobiles, new energy vehicles have subverted the inherent thinking left by traditional cars, especially in the human-computer interaction system and dynamic performance.

Source: New energy vehicle business