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Headlines | Covering 122 counties! This province will have 100,000 charging piles in 2019
Nov 30, 2018

Hunan's new energy vehicle enterprises, charging pile production and management enterprises, and Internet companies will “build a group of entrepreneurs”. By 2019, the new energy “car pile network” will cover 122 counties and districts in the province.  On the 20th, the Hunan New Energy Industry Association Charging Pile Branch was established in Changsha and announced the news at the inaugural meeting.


In 2018, new energy vehicles became a new growth point in the domestic auto market. In the first three quarters, production and sales were 734,600 units and 721,500 units respectively, up 73.05% and 81.05% respectively.  “The layout of charging infrastructure has become the focus.” Yu Jianchu, president of Hunan New Energy Industry Association, said that the current construction of charging infrastructure in Hunan Province is relatively lagging behind, the contradiction between truck piles is increasingly prominent, and the lack of systematic guidance in industry development is restricting new energy sources. An important reason for the healthy development of the car promotion and charging infrastructure market.


After the establishment of the Charging Pile Branch of Hunan New Energy Industry Association, under the guidance of the relevant competent authorities, the new energy automobile industry, association, related enterprises and industry experts from Hunan Province will be jointly discussed to use the big data platform to build new energy vehicles, piles, The network integrated operation mode, and all member companies, in 2019, strive to deploy 100,000 charging piles in the province, adding 2,000 new logistics vehicles, 5,000 new energy vehicles, and 14 "car pile nets". "Integrated operation center, achieving full coverage of 122 counties and districts in the province.

Source: Hunan Daily