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Headlines | Dealer inventory up to the new high country standard in recent years or will affect new car sales
Dec 11, 2018

Recently, according to the China Automobile Dealers Association's "China Automobile Dealer Inventory Alert Index Survey", the automobile dealer inventory warning index was 75.1% in November, up 8.2 percentage points from the previous month, up 25.32 percentage points year-on-year, and the inventory warning index was on the warning line. Above.Affected by the economic environment, the overall demand of the market will decrease, and the national standard will gradually affect the sales of new cars.


According to the data released by the China Automobile Dealers Association, the November index has created a record high since the release of the early warning index.It is worth noting that, since the China Automobile Dealers Association started to issue the inventory warning index in 2013, the warning index has never reached 75.1% since more than four years.

As a comprehensive indicator closely related to the change of automobile inventory and industry development, the inventory warning index measures the total demand of the automobile market, the 4S shop customer volume, the transaction rate, the price change, the sales volume change, the inventory change, the number of employees changing, and the flow. Fund status and business status.The index is within a reasonable range below 50%, and the higher the inventory warning index, the lower the demand for the market, the greater the inventory pressure, the greater the operating pressure and risk.

Source: People's Network