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How To Check The Electric Vehicle Battery Regularly?
Sep 28, 2018

Whether it is electric buses, electric cars, electric trucks, etc., they are designed and used.

The battery is the power source, so the quality of the battery is especially important. It is a key place for the life of the car.

They are all self-contained by the manufacturer, so there is no need for special purchase. Check the work in daily use to ensure the maximum guarantee.

The work efficiency is the highest.

1. Observe whether the color of the battery plate is normal and whether the plate is vulcanized.

2. Observe whether the plates are bent, broken, short-circuited, damaged or dropped.

3. Check if the contact of the terminal of the connection part of the battery is firm and there is no corrosion.

4. Check the battery compartment for damage or leakage, and whether the liquid level is normal.

5, battery wood frame anti-acid coating with or without falling off.

6. Regularly measure the electrolyte weight, terminal voltage, and liquid temperature of each battery in the battery pack (the battery that is periodically floated and the battery that is continuously floated should be fully tested every half month), so as to find the fault in time and handle it.

7. Check whether the electrolyte liquid level of the battery is always higher than the edge of the plate by 10-20mm. If the liquid level is lower than the plate 10-20mm, add appropriate amount of pure water before charging starts to prevent the plate from exposing the liquid surface. Chemical reactions cannot be carried out, but dilute sulfuric acid should not be added. The open battery cover must not be opened arbitrarily except for work.

       Through the above 7 points can help you to do a good job in the maintenance of the battery, regular inspection of the electric vehicle battery is a very necessary work.