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Installation requirements for electric car charging piles
Oct 26, 2018

The electric car charging pile functions like a tanker in a gas station. It can be fixed on the ground or wall, and can charge various types of electric cars according to different voltage levels. When installing an electric car charging pile, what are the installation requirements that we need to pay attention to?

1.Anti-collision requirements: Vehicle limiters, anti-collision columns (fences) or anti-collision warning lights should be installed around the charging facilities and equipment; the charging piles should be kept at a sufficient distance from the rear of the charging car. The distance should not be less than 1m.

2.Fire protection requirements: (1) Charging station construction (construction) The fire resistance between the building components, the fire resistance limit, the building (construction) in the station and the civil building (structure) outside the station should be consistent with the fire separation. GB 50016-2006 or GB 50229-2006 provisions for Class C plants. (2) The charging station should set the main power emergency stop button and post the emergency stop button logo.

3.waterproof requirements: (1) the drainage system of the charging station should be kept open. (2) Rainwater in the station area can be collected through the intercepting ditch or rainwater drain and discharged into the municipal rainwater system; when the rainwater is discharged from the open trench to the station, a water seal device should be installed before the wall is discharged; when there is no centralized drainage condition The ground rainwater in the station can be discharged outside the station, and the charging pile should not be in danger of being flooded.

Electric car charging piles must be installed in three requirements: anti-collision, fireproof and waterproof. Doing these three requirements will make it safer for us to use electric car charging piles.