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Low-speed electric cars are the people's heart, the people need!
Oct 10, 2018

After years of development, low-speed electric vehicles have rapidly improved both in terms of product quality and style. The market sales volume has increased from 70,000 in 2011 to 1.2 million in 2017.  As of the current position, according to incomplete statistics, the market holdings have exceeded 5 million.

For the consumer groups of new energy vehicles, the consumption of low-speed electric vehicles has increased significantly.  Because the low-speed electric car has a simple structure, small size, affordable price, can block the wind and rain, and can prevent exposure, save time and effort, whether it is to pick up the child or go out to play, it is a good choice, deeply by the elderly and some young people. Consumer's favorite.  At the same time, due to the rapid development of the national economy, more airports and high-speed railways have been built. Therefore, low-speed electric vehicles perfectly complement the short-distance travel vacancies of urban residents and increase the convenience of travel!

The process of low-speed electric vehicles from the grassroots industry to the legalization industry is also a process of sound legal system. It is the concept of paying attention to people's livelihood, and the current trend of major contradictions in China has changed, which has led to the continuous development of low-speed electric vehicles.

With the clarification of the national policy of low-speed electric vehicles, low-speed electric vehicles will become a driving force for stimulating the economy, and further improve the status quo of China's industrial development. The future is worth our expectation! Today's sunshine is the leader of the low-speed electric vehicle industry. Always adhere to independent research and development, and constantly optimize the performance of innovative products, and return the best scientific research results to consumers.  At the same time, today Sunshine actively explores the feasibility development path of new energy electric vehicles, and is committed to guiding low-speed electric vehicles to become the real people!

                                                             Source: New energy vehicle business