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Low-speed electric cars: low speed may not be equal to low quality and low vulgarity
Nov 27, 2018

Demand determines the market, and this economic fundamentals are well proven in the four-wheel low-speed electric vehicle market.

According to data released by the Shandong Automobile Industry Association, the cumulative output of low-speed electric vehicles in the province reached 756,000 in 2017.  According to the industry, “Shandong occupies half of the low-speed electric vehicles”, the output of low-speed electric vehicles in the country last year reached almost 1.5 million.  The so-called "no comparison is no harm", although the sales of pure electric passenger cars in China achieved an increase of 82% last year, but only reached 468,000, only a little more than 60% of the output of low-speed electric vehicles in Shandong Province.  


The pure electric passenger car is a new energy product supported by the state. It has many years of policy support from the state and the local government. It is an authentic “regular army”, while the low-speed electric car is completely spontaneous growth, and it is also subject to various suppression restrictions. It is not smooth, it can be described as "miscellaneous army" or "guerrilla".  However, as far as sales are concerned, the former does not do the latter, which is really embarrassing.

In the view of Chi Jianmei, vice president of the Central Research Institute of Shandong Shifeng (Group) Co., Ltd., in recent years, four-wheel low-speed electric vehicles in many parts of the country have developed rapidly and are market-oriented typical products.  This kind of transportation is popular among the people in the country's urban and rural areas. It has many advantages based on its own: economic, convenient, practical, comfortable and safe. It is an upgraded product for motorcycles, electric bicycles and bicycles.  Therefore, she suggested to introduce four-wheel low-speed electric vehicle product standards and enterprise production access management rules as soon as possible to regulate industry management and promote the healthy development of the industry.

The "economic", its narrow meaning of "cheap" is the most market-oriented advantage of the macro economy, and also the key reason for low-speed electric vehicles to defeat electric passenger cars.  Most of the former can get on the road directly if they have more than 10,000 yuan, and the latter will have to spend at least a hundred thousand or even hundreds of thousands of yuan even if they have various subsidies.  The price gap is so wide, for those target consumer groups, which one to choose is self-evident.  If an electric passenger car cannot achieve absolute advantage over low-speed electric vehicles in terms of ease of use, convenience of charging, ride comfort, and durability of life, it may never be able to obtain most "low-end" consumers. Favor.

When it comes to the word "low end", the problem is complicated.  This article uses the term "low end", but there is no discriminatory meaning in terms of income level.  However, low-speed electric vehicles are regarded as "low-end" products in real life, but they have to face the objective existence.  In addition to qualifications, low-speed electric vehicles are neither passenger cars nor motorcycles. The identity of the car and the identity of the driver are unknown. They live in a gray area that does not care, giving a "low-end" presence, and the product is low. The price also gives people a "low quality" association.  As Chi Jianmei said, the current low-speed electric vehicle market does not have access to production enterprises, the existing product standards can not be covered, the quality of a large number of products on the market is mixed, and there are even hidden dangers.

Although some low-speed electric vehicle companies also want to become bigger and stronger, like passenger cars and commercial vehicle companies, consider how to keep up with the times to meet market demand, and work hard to change the "low-end" status.  For example, some manufacturers design lithium power batteries in addition to the configuration of lead-acid batteries, and with the replacement of power batteries, manufacturers continue to improve their own design capabilities, in the temperature control system, BMS battery management system As well as the vehicle controllers, they have increased their investment in scientific research. They have done a good job and have a good reputation. However, the efforts of several ideal enterprises are still difficult to change the reality of the overall low-speed electric vehicle industry.  It has been observed that the product consistency of low-speed electric vehicle market enterprises is poor, the safety needs to be improved, and there is a situation of low-price competition.  In addition, plagiarism, false propaganda and other issues are also more serious.

It is precisely because of such problems that low-speed electric vehicles are now labeled as negative labels such as poor quality, unsafe, and obstructing traffic. The "low speed" is more likely to have the meaning and color of "low end" or even "vulgar".  However, since low-speed electric vehicles have just needed support, and their existence is necessary, there should be a market prospect, and the current problem is only how to find more rationality for its existence and provide legitimacy.

Some scholars believe that standing on the supply side, low-speed electric vehicles have "special vehicle" production qualifications, and they have legal basis; from the business side, from the special scene to the normal road conditions, it is indeed impossible to move. according to.  Therefore, the use of low-speed vehicles has now shifted, and government policy management has not kept up in time. This is the root cause of many problems in low-speed electric vehicles.  From this point of view, to change the negative image of low-end and low-profile electric vehicles, so that they can truly become a good product that meets consumer demand, they must start from the policy side, improve relevant laws and regulations, and provide legality for their existence. Sexual support.

It is believed that with the continuous improvement of the market, low-speed electric vehicles will fade away from the "low-end" and "vulgar" colors, correct their position and image, and achieve healthy development.

Source: New energy vehicle business