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Just 200 thousand vehicles were repaying the illegal car!! the low-speed electric vehicles to fill a huge gap in the market!
Oct 24, 2018

Since 10th of April , traffic and public security departments in Nanjing to form a joint working group, stationed in Nanjing 7 net operating qualification about car platform company, it shall carry out inspection operations. As of now, only two drops, beauty group platform company claimed that repaying the vehicle has reached nearly 200 thousand vehicles.

Illegal operation of vehicles with net about car platform

The illegal operation of the vehicle information inspection group compared to 2017 to investigate the discovery, have been affected by the vehicle is not the administrative punishment are repaying the problem there are two drops, the United States Mission platform company. At present, the two companies have committed to the completion of the Nanjing market platform in 10 18 April before all by the investigation of vehicle lay off work.

Local traffic and public security departments of the inspection also found that some companies still exist to the platform without vehicles and personnel qualification to provide network about travel to send a single service. The United States Mission drops, two platform companies have set up qualification verification channels, but did not start substantive inspection access platform of vehicles and personnel qualification work; drops, beauty group has set up a platform for the company while two corresponding positions and equipped with personnel, but the lack of assessment mechanism; two platform company supervision of the owner of the vehicle there is duty not clear, management is not in place, safety responsibility is not clear and other issues.

The security problems caused by improper supervision

The lack of supervision of the car about the platform, for consumers is a safe travel without security. After the shock of the airline stewardess murder case, or had malignant cases of young girls ride. The driver was killed.

Recently, Didi Li also broke the "orange car in providing passengers with drinking water mixed with urine" scandal, the drops responded that, after verification, the driver can not find the toilet because the emergency use of mineral water bottle is convenient, and the bottle will be placed on the console in the cab, causing passengers drinking, for passengers experience, we are terribly sorry." The attitude is also very perfunctory.

Low speed vehicle is the national travel new choice

The network about the car all the way to the barbaric growth development so far, vicious incidents continue to occur, depending on the network about cars for people to solve 1 billion 400 million people travel the best choice of the sober, and to study how to escape from the devil driver as their own hands, grasp the steering wheel.

Low speed electric vehicles as an economic and durable car, in addition to the vehicle itself low price easy to be accepted by the public, using the process to give consumers tangible benefits, it is also an important factor in the rapid spread of. Compared with the low speed fuel vehicles, electric cars need not consider the soaring oil prices, as long as a few cents per kilometer electricity; compared with the high speed of new energy vehicles, low-speed electric cars do not need special charging pile, charging more convenient.

With the continuous development of low-speed electric car industry, currently on the market most of the vehicle mileage reaches 100 km, fully able to meet the people's daily travel demand. The future will become the best choice of low-speed electric car national travel!

Source: New energy vehicle business