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Market Insights - Why are low-speed electric cars so popular?
Oct 22, 2018

Low-speed electric vehicles have been subject to industry controversy because of their low driving threshold, the use of lead-acid batteries, and the difficulty of management. However, this is only one-third of the size of conventional cars and the top speed is 40-70 kilometers per hour. The micro-electric vehicles that are around and cheap, have been greatly welcomed and popularized by ordinary people in the country, and they have also grabbed the market share of conventional electric vehicles. Then why a small electric car has shaken the whole market. What about energy?

We all understand that security is only relative.  It is definitely safer and warmer to transport children to and from school by electric car. It is better to keep out the wind and rain, and keep warm in winter.  There is a huge advantage over motor vehicles: there is not much demand for driving technology.
Under the rapid development of China, the rapid economic growth has made ordinary people feel the pressure and hardship of life. Traveling difficulties have always been the dilemma facing the moment.
China has made great efforts to become a leader in the field of electric vehicles, and has created many opportunities for micro electric vehicles.  According to industry-related data, in 2017, 1.75 million mini low-speed electric vehicles were sold in China, while the sales of conventional electric vehicles were only about 777,000, which was more than double the sales volume.  Moreover, buyers are mostly concentrated in rural areas, and the market is still growing rapidly.

In fact, micro electric vehicles have always been in the legal gray area between motorcycles and cars, and management is very tricky.  It can drive on the motorway and pass through the bicycle lane, but the micro-electric vehicle driving on the motorway will cause chaos: the motor vehicle will drive the horn to flash, and it will bypass the slow-moving micro electric vehicle. .
The reason why the skeptics are dissatisfied is nothing more than two: one is to use cheap lead-acid batteries that are harmful to the environment; the other is that there is no anti-collision protection device.

As early as the bill introduced last year, the maximum speed of micro-electric vehicles is limited to 40-70 kilometers, and the size and weight are also regulated.  The most important thing is to force the vehicle with anti-collision protection and use a lithium-ion battery.

It must be said that the emergence of micro-electric vehicles has given the manager a big problem: not only to implement the automotive industry standards, but also to make consumers feel the pressure of life, this is a mini-electric vehicle is a survival or destruction of the proposition !
But nowadays, many low-speed electric vehicles continue to improve product quality. With the product's safe performance, fashionable appearance and superior quality, they have opened up a large sales market, which is loved and favored by the majority of township consumers and urban people. It can even be said that In the immediate needs of some families, managers should continuously improve the micro electric vehicle industry through proper supervision, rather than cruelly killing.

                                                             Source: New energy vehicle business