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Master The General Maintenance Of Electric Four-wheeled Vehicle Power Supply
Sep 29, 2018

As environmental pollution increases, oil and gas resources decrease, and electric energy development costs are low, and pollution to the environment is small. Electric four-wheelers are undoubtedly the best choice for transportation tools, including: electric patrol cars, electric sightseeing cars, electric golf balls. Vehicles such as golf carts, it is widely used in parks, large communities, schools, hospitals, hotels, urban pedestrian streets, airports, ports, terminals, large playgrounds, garden hotels, resorts, villas and other places; Daily maintenance of car power:

1. The preferred lithium battery for power supply [large capacity, low self-consumption, low pollution, followed by lead-acid dry battery [good sealing, not easy to leak electrolyte], to prevent contamination, corrosion and damage caused by electrolyte leakage.

2. There are some electric vehicles whose power supply voltage reaches or exceeds 36 volts. It exceeds the safe voltage threshold and is prone to electric shock accidents, so be careful.

3, often check the circuit plugging point, to prevent contact is not strong, causing the connection, contact fire, heat; to avoid the line aging, wear and tear caused by iron short circuit, string electrical accidents.

4. When charging, the battery will run out of flammable gas, so the charging must not be carried out in a narrow, sealed environment such as storage room or basement to prevent the generation of explosive mixed gas.

5. If the quality is inferior or used for a long time, the temperature of the charger is often high, which is easy to cause a fire, so it should not be taken lightly during the nighttime sleep time.

6, when starting, climbing the slope should be assisted by the ankle, to prevent the starting current is too large, the machine parts overload work for a long time, causing the motor coil, line, battery and governor to overheat damage, and even caused disaster.

   From the above 6 small points, usually pay attention to the maintenance of the power supply, not only to ensure the safety of the driving process, but also to prevent the power supply from being damaged and prolong its service life!