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National model! The strongest management method for the low-speed electric vehicle industry is introduced!
Dec 05, 2018

On September 27, 2018, Guigang City, Guangxi Province issued the Notice of the Office of the People's Government of Guigang City on Printing and Distributing the Interim Measures for the Production Management of Low-Speed Electric Vehicles in Guigang City (Revised Edition), which will carry out low-speed electric vehicles from all aspects of production, sales and roads. A comprehensive norm is a national model!

1 affirmation of low-speed electric vehicle contribution

In the "Notice", the Guigang Municipal People's Government first affirmed the contribution of low-speed electric vehicles to energy conservation and emission reduction and protection of resources and environment, and stated that it should "promote the sustainable and healthy development of the electric vehicle industry" and make two aspects from investment management and production operation. Specific requirements.  


In terms of investment management, the production scale of new electric vehicle production projects is not less than 20,000 units (sets) per year, and the development and reform department is responsible for investing in the construction of new low-speed electric vehicle projects. The projects that are being upgraded and rebuilt are handled by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; In respect, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is responsible for the management of electric vehicle production qualifications, and is responsible for the issuance of the “Catalogue” announcement. The quality supervision department supervises the product quality. The traffic management department of the public security organ is responsible for the road traffic management of low-speed electric vehicles within its administrative area.

2 clear low-speed electric vehicle management

The "Notice" clarifies that the passage of low-speed electric vehicles on roads shall comply with national and local road traffic safety laws and regulations, and shall be restricted to roads below Class 1 (including Class 1) when passing through the jurisdiction of Guigang.  The registration management of low-speed electric vehicles is carried out, and the registration method is formulated by the Municipal Public Security Bureau.  The low-speed electric vehicle number plate and driving license pattern shall be supervised by the traffic control department of the public security organ with reference to relevant national standards.  


In addition, low-speed electric vehicles also need to refer to motor vehicles, and insure insurance to insurance institutions with traffic accident liability compulsory insurance business qualifications.

3 Formulate low-speed electric vehicle standards

Compared with the national standard for electric bicycles, Guigang City can better meet the travel needs of ordinary people for the development of low-speed electric vehicles.  


The main technical parameters of the manned electric vehicle are: outer dimensions ≤ 4600 mm × 1800 mm × 1650 mm; one full electric driving range is ≥ 70 km at the time of shipment; the power consumption per 100 km is ≤ 20 kWh; the roll stability angle ≥ 35°; maximum climbing ability ≥ 20%; minimum ground clearance ≥ 120 mm.  The main technical parameters of the cargo electric vehicle are: outer dimensions ≤ 5000 mm × 1800 mm × 2100 mm; one full electric driving range ≥ 70 km at the time of shipment; ton 100 km power consumption ≤ 50 kWh; roll stability angle ≥35°; maximum climbing ability ≥20%; minimum ground clearance ≥130 mm.

At the end of the Notice, Guigang City clearly stated that before the state has issued relevant policies and standards, the management of low-speed electric vehicles will be temporarily implemented in accordance with these Measures. After the relevant national policies and standards are promulgated, relevant state regulations will be implemented.

The full text of the Notice is as follows: 3.4



Source: New energy vehicle business