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New energy vehicles surged by 645%! Will the city completely phase out fuel vehicles?
Nov 06, 2018

After October 31, the elimination of fuel-assisted vehicles in Nanjing will be closed, and subsidies will no longer be issued, and it is forbidden to drive on the road.


Completely phase out fuel-assisted vehicles


From May 2, Nanjing began to phase out the registered 39,071 fuel-assisted vehicles and implemented a subsidy policy for fuel-assisted vehicles.  The subsidy standard is given to the owner of the vehicle for 1,000 yuan per vehicle. The owner who has completed the elimination procedure before July 31 will receive an additional reward of 300 yuan per vehicle.


Notice of the Nanjing Municipal People's Government on the Elimination of Fuel-Moped Vehicles


As of October 31, there are currently more than 10,000 vehicles without formalities.  After November 1st, the elimination procedures have not been completed. The vehicle management office will announce the cancellation of the license plate. Any fuel-assisted vehicles that violate the prescribed roads will be detained by the traffic control department in accordance with the relevant regulations, and will be handled according to the unlicensed and unlicensed vehicles. .


In Nanjing, in addition to eliminating fuel-assisted vehicles, the elimination of fuel vehicles is also on the agenda.


Accelerate the elimination of the "National Three" diesel car


Starting from August, Nanjing will start the phase-out of the National 2 gasoline and the National 3 diesel vehicles ahead of schedule, and will phase out 67,000 three diesel vehicles.


In fact, since 2013, Nanjing has started the elimination of old vehicles. In 2016, it completed the elimination of 66,000 yellow-label vehicles. In 2017, it basically eliminated more than 20,000 vehicles from China and China.


At present, the new cars sold in Nanjing have all reached the national five standards. The national two, the national three gasoline vehicles and the national three diesel vehicles have long stopped selling new cars.  At the same time, the environmental protection department will restrict the transfer of used cars of the national three diesel vehicles. The foreign country three used trucks will not be registered if they want to transfer to Nanjing.


New energy vehicles surged 645%


It is reported that Nanjing has become one of the cities with the fastest growth, the highest concentration and the most complete industrial support in the domestic new energy automobile industry. In the first half of 2018, the output of Nanjing new energy vehicles has increased more than six times.


From the complete elimination of fuel-assisted vehicles to the full elimination of the "National Three" diesel vehicles, local governments are increasingly demanding fuel vehicles. With the implementation of the "National Six" standard, the future situation of fuel vehicles will be more stringent as traffic. With the upgrade of travel modes, new energy vehicles will usher in new opportunities for development.


Source: Tramway