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Research and application of lithium iron phosphate battery
Aug 08, 2018

Recently, reports on the progress of new batteries and the prospect of replacing traditional lithium batteries have not been seen. Let us see the hope that mobile phones and tablets have longer battery life, but unfortunately most of them stay in the laboratory research stage, when and even if It is hard to say that large-scale commercial use. In August 2012, the new energy company Deboch TEC.GmbH brought a new energy technology that is closer to reality: iron-containing lithium batteries.

Deboch TEC.GmbH's lithium iron phosphate battery technology white paper shows that after using composite nanomaterials, the energy density of a single 32650 (32mm diameter / 65mm) cell can be increased to 6000mAh, with the current industry 32650 specification single 5000mAh Compared with the specifications, the same volume has increased by 1000mAh, which is 20%, and the iPhone 4S mobile phone can be recharged almost four times in one section.

What is even more gratifying is that in a single low-rate charging and discharging environment, the battery is still kept at about 80% after recycling for up to 3,000 times, while the ordinary lithium battery is charged for about 500 times. It is. According to the calculation of charge and discharge every 3 days, it can be used continuously for 24 years. It is a real longevity battery.

This new battery technology can be widely used in portable mobile power supplies, small UPS, laptop batteries, car batteries and other equipment, and for different environments, Deboch TEC.GmbH also uses different cell colors according to the difference in the number of cycles of charging. : For military-grade gold, the number of cycles is 3,000; in the field of civil vehicles, blue is used, 2,500 times; green, 2,000 times is suitable for small portable mobile devices.