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Tesla launches action to sign battery equipment order with Pioneer Intelligence
Jan 07, 2019


The order of the three armed forces has not moved, grain and grass first.After Tesla's sole proprietorship in China was established, it was natural to set up a production line before the production of electric vehicles and batteries. The equipment needed on the production line was like a marching grain.Therefore, he needs to look for “people who sell grain”, and the pilot intelligence is this person.

Pioneer Intelligence announced on the evening of December 26 that the company recently signed a "purchase contract" with Tesla for lithium battery production equipment such as winder, cylindrical battery assembly line and chemical composition system. The contract amount is about 43 million yuan.This contract with Tesla represents the official entry of the company into the global supporting system of Tesla, laying the foundation for the company's follow-up cooperation with Tesla.

Interestingly, the conditions for the entry into force of the contract between the two parties shall be effective as of the date on which the parties formally issue the purchase contract by e-mail.

As we all know, Tesla Motors is a global leader in the luxury smart electric vehicle industry, and is committed to accelerating the advancement of human society into sustainable mobility through the most innovative technologies.Tesla pure electric vehicles reduce the dependence of global transportation on non-renewable energy.Tesla electric vehicles are at the forefront of the global pure electric vehicle industry in terms of lithium battery technology, safety and performance.

Pilot Intelligence is a key high-tech enterprise of the National Torch Program and a national dual-integration demonstration enterprise.Pilot Intelligence is a leading global new energy equipment company, covering lithium battery equipment, photovoltaic equipment, 3c testing equipment, intelligent warehouse logistics system, automotive intelligent production line and other five major businesses.As a leading manufacturer of lithium battery intelligent equipment, Pioneer has established strategic partnerships with well-known battery companies such as Panasonic, Sony, Samsung sdi, lg chemistry, atl, catl, BYD, etc., and introduced a first-class doctoral research and development team to provide customers with leading Lithium battery production line intelligent equipment.

From the perspective of income trends and profit trends, the leading intelligent performance has increased year by year, and the performance has increased significantly last year and this year.According to the third-quarter report of the pilot intelligence, the revenue in the third quarter was 1.256 billion yuan, an increase of 195.24% over the same period of last year; the net profit after deducting non-tax was 215 million yuan, an increase of 118.86% over the same period of last year, and the revenue and profits both more than doubled.

Regarding this cooperation, the pilot intelligence said that this contract with Tesla represents the official entry of the pilot intelligence into the global supporting system of Tesla, laying the foundation for the follow-up cooperation with Tesla.It is conducive to creating greater commercial value for cooperation between the two parties and is in line with the interests of pioneering intelligent development.

If this contract is fully implemented, it will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the business performance of Pioneer Smart in the coming year, further enhance the company's market influence and enhance the company's brand image.The specific impact amount and impact time will depend on the implementation of the contract.The signing of the equipment procurement contract further proves the technological leading edge of the company's equipment products, which is conducive to further improving the business layout of the company's lithium-ion intelligent manufacturing line strategy, and has a strong competitive advantage and influence.

Tesla used to cooperate with Matsushita in the past, the batteries were all produced by Panasonic, and the equipment was purchased by Panasonic.The pilot had sales of the Panasonic 18650 and 21700 winders as early as 2017, and the final customer was Tesla.

The winning bid, the pilot is directly signed with the US Tesla headquarters, will be used for battery production in the US base.Although the amount of this order is small, it is expected that the direct cooperation between the pilot and Tesla is just beginning. The Tesla US super factory corresponds to 105GWh (including power and energy storage), and the investment of 1GWh equipment is estimated to be 3-5 billion yuan. Tesla's total equipment investment demand is about 30-500 billion yuan.

In addition, it is worth noting that Tesla announced in November that it will build a No. 3 super factory in Shanghai with an annual output of 500,000 model3s and a battery demand of 40GWh.The battery will purchase a number of companies, and does not rule out the direct production of batteries.Therefore, the OFweek lithium grid is expected to lead a larger order in the future.

Editor's comment: This cooperation, Pioneer Intelligence can benefit from Tesla's philosophy and experience in lithium battery technology, safety and performance, which will help improve the technical capabilities of pilot intelligent lithium battery equipment.Tesla can find excellent lithium battery equipment manufacturers in China, which can greatly reduce the cost of purchasing equipment from abroad and prepare for its production of lithium batteries in China.As the first step in establishing a wholly-owned factory in China, Tesla's choice of pilot intelligence is undoubtedly a key step.