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The electric four-wheeled vehicle can be certified on the road
Nov 15, 2018

After experiencing Beijing, Zhengzhou, Heze, Jinan rectification, etc., it seems that the electric four-wheeled vehicle has reached a cusp, and it is a dilemma! There is no reasonable identity, no right to speak, but it is quickly covered in the middle and lower layers! If there are any departments and places can Give the four-wheeler an "identity card", which will become a major turning point in the industry!

Recently, in order to comprehensively improve the road traffic management level and create a good road traffic environment, Xi'an Traffic Police announced to the whole society a list of 57 completed four-wheeled vehicles (old scooter) finished products to remind them of purchased or not purchased. Everyone, raise awareness of the rule of law and abide by traffic laws.

According to the "People's Republic of China Road Traffic Safety Law", GB 7258-2017 "Safety Technical Conditions for Motor Vehicle Operation", GB/T 21268-2014 "General Technical Conditions for Off-Highway Tourist Vehicles", Shaanxi Zhongzheng Motor Vehicle The physical evidence judicial appraisal institute has identified 57 kinds of four-wheeled vehicles seized by Xi'an traffic police.  It has been identified that these 57 kinds of four-wheeled vehicles belong to the category of "motor vehicles", that is, they must hold motor vehicle driving licenses when driving on the road.  


The 57 four-wheelers are: 


At present, the city's two-three-wheeler and four-wheel electric vehicle special rectification actions are continuing. Xi'an traffic police firmly adhere to the principle of "strictly severe punishment" and use "four uniforms" as the working standard:

Both the two- and three-wheeled vehicles engaged in illegal operation shall be seized; the upper limit of the discovered operating drivers shall be imposed;

For drivers who drive excessive electric vehicles and whose driving qualifications do not match, they shall be administratively detained;

The two, three-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles that are temporarily detained shall be checked one by one. If they are identified as motor vehicles, they shall be handled in accordance with the illegality of the motor vehicles.  

Focus on the heart!!!

Xi'an defines low-speed four-wheeled vehicles as "motor vehicles" and can be certified on the road! This is China's first city defined for low-speed four-wheelers! Xi'an is the provincial capital of Shaanxi, and the long-established historical city has opened low-speed electric vehicles legally. First, it will bring role models to other cities across the country! It is of great significance to the industry, changing the status quo of low-speed four-wheelers, giving dealers a reassurance!

Source: New energy vehicle business