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The fuel vehicle is restricted from being banned, and the high-speed car has plunged down! The low-speed car New Deal has achieved the biggest gold-absorbing market!!
Dec 06, 2018

Fuel vehicle limit line expansion

Since entering November, Henan Province has implemented large-scale restrictions on the reduction of motor vehicle pollutant emissions, continuous improvement of ambient air quality and ease of traffic pressure. Up to now, 31 counties and cities have begun to implement.  The national restricted city has already exceeded 100, and the fuel truck is in deep trouble!

01 Market demand becomes the biggest driving force of the future car market

With the increase in the promotion of new energy vehicles nationwide, it is only a matter of time before fuel trucks are banned and banned.  The nationwide limit marks the fact that the fuel car has gone, and the entire automotive industry in the future is the world of new energy vehicles.  


With the two-way support of national policies and financial subsidies, high-speed new energy vehicles have begun to get on the right track.  However, high-speed new energy vehicles that have not been selected by the market are like flowers in the greenhouse. In the near future, the tax exemption from the purchase tax policy and the gradual decline of subsidies have been continuously tested, which has caused the sales of high-speed new energy vehicles to plummet.  


According to data from the Association, the micro-high-speed electric vehicle company only sold 63 vehicles in October, down 98.6% year-on-year; the cumulative sales volume in the first 10 months of this year was 13,570, down 63.4% year-on-year.  Conduit and Zhidou suffered similarly. In October, sales volume was 942 units, a decrease of 69.6% year-on-year; January-October sales totaled 3,198 units, down 68.8% year-on-year.

Compared with the “weak wind” of high-speed new energy vehicles, low-speed electric vehicles have become an important means of transportation for urban residents by relying on huge market demand in an environment with weak policies.

02 low-speed car turned positive after the sales burst into an inevitable

Before the six ministries jointly issued the "Notice on Strengthening the Management of Low-Speed Electric Vehicles", several important markets in low-speed electric vehicles showed varying degrees of management enhancement.  After the issuance of the Notice, the Shandong local government, represented by Yanggu, quickly responded by introducing the driving skill test standards for low-speed trucks, marking the official turnaround of low-speed electric vehicles.  The low-speed electric car finally ushered in its own spring blossoms.  


In accordance with the guiding ideology of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology “to play the main role of the local people's government in the management of low-speed electric vehicles, and to formulate measures for the management of low-speed electric vehicles in the region”, Shandong Yanggu has set an example for the standardized management of low-speed electric vehicles in the country.  Under the standardized management of “cars with licenses and people with certificates”, low-speed electric vehicles will have the right to go on the road according to law, the market demand will be completely released, and the surge in sales is inevitable!

Source: New energy vehicle business