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The future of charging piles
Oct 19, 2018

The future of charging piles is wonderful, but it will take some time to integrate, big waves and sand.  In 2016, new energy vehicles are continuing to grow rapidly. The large increase in the stock of electric vehicles is a clear positive trend. The market demand will increase, the return on investment will increase, and the enthusiasm of enterprises will increase.  And how to invest more efficiently requires the guidance of the government, the regulation of the industry, and the common development of the upstream and downstream industries to jointly promote and update the more effective business model.  The potential imagination is:


1. Value-added services


Including the advertisement of the pile body, cooperation with the shopping mall parking lot, as a supporting facility for consumer drainage.


2, charging pile internet +


The charging pile is not connected to a new energy vehicle. It can be a channel for realizing energy, or it can be an import port for energy data traffic, or it can be an entrance to a data portal.  With the blessing of the Internet, the charging pile is no longer just a pile, but becomes an infinitely possible interface, which can be used in conjunction with the time-sharing of electric vehicles, value-added services of electric vehicles 4S stores, electronic payment, big data, etc. The Internet of Vehicles is even an important part of the online community.  Of course, the premise is to have enough scale.  What Trude is currently doing is to continue to scale up and build a business empire based on a charging pile network.


3. Energy service provider


The power reform is full of ups and downs, but the big trend is always gradually liberalized.  The real release of the power-selling side will give the electric energy producers a greater profit margin, and the civilian charging pile has a great possibility to become the first export that is logically realized, and truly realize the profit.


Judging from the strength of the policy and the fierceness of the upstream and downstream industries, the general trend of commercial operation has taken off. In the short term, nothing can stop the accelerated development of electric vehicles and the charging pile industry.  If there is, then only hydrogen fuel cells, graphene and other new technologies have been proven to completely replace electric vehicles in all aspects.  The probability of a black swan like this industry exists, but it does not appear in a very awesome way. After all, the deposition of social investment cannot be easily abandoned, so it is only necessary to maintain certain attention.