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The low-speed car market is good! This place can be used for three rounds and four rounds.
Nov 20, 2018

Recently, the Liangshan Public Security Bureau issued a notice on the official WeChat, clearly stating that in order to ensure the safe travel of the people, the anti-theft registration of electric vehicles, tricycles and four-wheelers in the jurisdiction will be opened.  The card-on procedure is extremely simple. The consumer can provide a valid identification, purchase invoice (or receipt), and a certificate to be registered on the level. If there is no purchase invoice, the registration can be completed by providing relevant certificates and signing a letter of commitment.  

The registration process is extremely simple. Consumers can file a valid identity certificate, purchase invoice (or receipt), and a certificate of registration. If there is no car purchase invoice, they can complete the registration on the card as long as they provide relevant certificates and sign a letter of commitment.  

According to the business situation, low-speed car management should be unsuitable for blocking, the eyes of ordinary people are bright, and good policies will have the support of the people! Give the car a license and let the car go on the road. This is the most practical thing the local government should do! Electric vehicle management can not only rely on the rules and regulations of the cold ice, but also adhere to the humane law enforcement ideas, local conditions, suit the local management of the current management standards is imminent!

In line with the people's minds, give the car a license, let the car go on the road, set the transition period, this is the real thing that the local government should do! As stated in the Notice, the management rights are delegated to the localities, and the local governments have adapted the local conditions to formulate the most reasonable policies. Tricycles and four-wheelers have potential safety hazards, but as an essential means of transportation to solve the difficulties of ordinary people, it is not necessary to say "full ban"!

As a neighbor of Heze, the rectification of tricycles can be described as a sensation. If the regulations are relaxed and the rectification efforts slow down, I don’t know what the Heze authorities will explain. Will the second-hand vehicles sold be back?


Source: New energy vehicle business