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The number of applicants for personal indicators of Beijing New Energy Vehicles exceeded 390,000 and has been discharged to 2026.
Oct 28, 2018

On October 25, 2018, the Beijing Small Bus Indicators Regulation Management Information System released the details of the application and configuration of the 5th indicator of 2018.

According to the release information, as of 24:00 on October 8, 2018, the new energy passenger car index application has a total of 393,014 effective codes, a total of 9119 units.

In 2018, the annual quota for the index of new energy and small vehicles in Beijing and individual units has been exhausted. At present, more than 390,000 people are in the waiting state. According to the current new energy allocation rules, users who apply for new indicators for new energy vehicles must wait. In 8 years, it will not be until 2026.

Source:New Energy Vehicle Business