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The Premier of the State Council solemnly: Promote the development of the electric vehicle industry!
Oct 30, 2018

CCTV News Heavy Report: The General Office of the State Council issued the "Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure", the Premier of the State Council strictly ordered! 100% of new residential parking spaces to build or reserve charging piles!


The "Opinions" clearly pointed out that, in principle, parking spaces for newly built residential buildings should be 100% built with charging facilities or reserved for construction and installation conditions, large public buildings with parking lots, social public parking lots, charging facilities or reserved construction and installation conditions. The proportion of parking spaces is not less than 10%, and at least one public charging station should be built for every 2,000 electric vehicles.

The "Opinions" proposes that by 2020, a moderately advanced, intelligent and efficient charging infrastructure system will be built to meet the charging needs of more than 5 million electric vehicles; a more complete standard specification and market supervision system will be established. Unify the open and competitive charging service market; form a sustainable "Internet + Charging Infrastructure" industrial ecosystem, make breakthroughs in technology and business innovation, and cultivate a group of internationally competitive charging service enterprises.


The "Opinions" put forward the following suggestions for the construction of new energy automobile industry:

First, overall planning, scientific layout.  Strengthen the top-level design of charging infrastructure development, and in accordance with the requirements of “adapting to local conditions, speeding up each other, and economically reasonable”, according to the actual development of localities, do a good overall planning of charging infrastructure construction and form a relatively complete charging infrastructure system.

Second, moderate advancement and orderly construction.  Focusing on the future development of electric vehicles, combined with the charging needs of different fields and different levels, in accordance with the requirements of “pile station first”, ensure that the construction scale is moderately advanced.

Third, unified standards, universal openness.  Accelerate the revision and revision of key technical 

standards for charging and replacing, improve the standards for engineering construction, operation services, and maintenance management, promote the interconnection and interoperability of different charging service platforms, and improve the versatility and openness of facilities.

Fourth, relying on the market, innovation mechanism.  Give full play to the leading role of the market, encourage enterprises to combine "Internet + charging infrastructure", innovate business cooperation and service models, create more economic and social benefits, and achieve sustainable development.

At present, Beijing has made optimal management of the electric vehicle industry in accordance with relevant policies.  Recently, the third meeting of the Standing Committee of the 15th Beijing Municipal People's Congress heard the report of the Municipal Government on the Regulations on the Administration of Non-motor Vehicles in Beijing (Draft).


The regulations are intended to provide for a transitional period for a super-standard electric vehicle with a transition period of three years.  From November 1st, all electric vehicles in Beijing can be listed on the road, and the super-standard vehicles are also included.  The "Regulations" also made specific requirements for the management of power-driven tricycles, four-wheelers, express delivery, take-out vehicles and other issues.

With the introduction of the new national standard for comments, many cities have begun to rectify on a large scale, without giving the merchants and consumers a little time. The transition period of setting up a super-standard car in Beijing will become a national learning object and worth promoting!

From the current trend, the electric vehicle industry is developing towards an orderly and standardized process. During this period, there will be many “painful pains”, but the outcome must be good.  Doing a good job in the existing work and actively responding to national policies, the electric vehicle industry is promising!


Source EV new horizon