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Why do people who buy new energy vehicles never want to switch back to fuel cars? The owner tells the truth.
Dec 14, 2018

Everyone knows that the new energy vehicles sold in the past two years are quite popular. Everyone walking on the road can see more and more new energy vehicles with green license plates. It is true that in the past two years, because oil prices have been rising, Coupled with national policy support, new energy vehicles have indeed entered the eyes of many people.


However, with the increase in the number of new energy vehicles, the problems of some new energy vehicles are constantly reflected. There are also many remarks about the “singing bad” new energy vehicles on the Internet. However, is the new energy vehicle really so bad? The answer is wrong.Some car owners even said that after buying a new energy car, they don’t want to switch back to the fuel car anymore! So why is this? The owner said the truth.


First of all, the first light has gained a lot of people's favorite from the outside.There are a lot of car owners who care about the design of the energy car, so I don't want to open a car anymore, because it cancels the traditional former Geshan, the wheel is also very beautiful, and the hidden door handle design, it looks like this It is the look of the future car, full of technology sense!


The second one is that the new energy vehicle is not limited! Especially for the people in the big cities, although the regulations of the limit number have come out, the problem of traffic jam has been solved to a large extent, but if there is a need for a temporary emergency, then it is found. If you are limited again, this time will be very painful. If there is a new energy car at this time, then there is no need to worry about the issue of the limit.


The third is that the cost of using the car is really low! Everyone says that electricity is cheaper than oil. So, in the end, the transportation cost of a pure electric vehicle will be more than the fuel vehicle. There is such a mechanism to test it. During the test period of the Southeast DX3EV400 for half a month, the amount of electricity used during the monitoring period.


As a result, everyone was shocked. In half a month, the electricity bill only cost 70 yuan, which means it is equivalent to 1/5 of the cost of a class a fuel car. Such exaggerated data is really amazing. There is a shock, which is why so many new energy owners are reluctant to switch back to fuel vehicles, especially in the face of rising oil prices, many people feel powerless.


As we all know, new energy vehicles have such problems, but we also have to ignore that there are so many people who have opened new energy vehicles, and new energy vehicles represent the future of our future cars.

Source: New energy vehicle business