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Charging Pile Application Program
Aug 08, 2018

As a green vehicle with broad development prospects, electric vehicles will be extremely popular in the future, and the future market prospects are extremely huge. Under the background of the global energy crisis and the serious environmental crisis, the Chinese government actively promotes the application and development of new energy vehicles. As a necessary supporting infrastructure for the development of electric vehicles, charging/replacement stations have very important social and economic benefits. . A campaign to build an electric car charger/replacement station has been launched nationwide.

The overall system consists of four parts: electric vehicle charging pile, concentrator, battery management system (BMS), and charging management service platform.

The control circuit of the electric vehicle charging pile is mainly completed by the embedded ARM processor, and the user can self-swipe the card for user authentication, balance inquiry, billing inquiry and the like, and also provides a voice output interface to realize voice interaction. Users can select 4 charging modes according to the LCD indication: including charging on time, charging by electricity, auto charging, charging by mileage, etc.

The electric vehicle charger controller and the concentrator use the CAN bus for data interaction. The concentrator and the server platform use the wired Internet or the wireless GPRS network for data interaction. For security reasons, the power billing and the amount data are securely encrypted.