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Charging Pile Development History
Aug 08, 2018

Up to now, China's electric vehicle charging stations are mostly limited to electric buses or internal group vehicles. There is no charging station service network that is truly oriented to different users. The more representative charging stations that have been built or under construction have the following contents. In 2006, BYD built the first electric vehicle charging station in Shenzhen at its Shenzhen headquarters. [5]

In 2008, during the Beijing Olympic Games, the first centralized charging station in China was built to meet the power battery charging requirements of 50 pure electric buses.

In October 2009, Shanghai Electric Power Company invested in the construction of Shanghai Tunxi Electric Vehicle Charging Station, which is the first electric vehicle charging station with commercial operation functions in China. At the end of 2009, Beijing Shouke Group completed the first domestic pure electric passenger car demonstration charging station with complete intelligent micro-grid in Jianxiang Bridge.

On December 31, 2009, the first electric vehicle charging stations (piles) put into operation in China Southern Power Grid were completed and put into operation in Shenzhen. The construction scale was 2 charging stations and 134 charging piles.

On March 31, 2010, the State Grid Corporation Tangshan Nanhu Charging Station was completed and put into operation. It is China's first national power grid typical design charging station, which can charge charging for 10 electric vehicles at the same time in fast charging and slow charging.