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Electric Bus Features
Aug 08, 2018

The electric bus used on the Nanshan Ring Road is 11.05 meters long and can travel 83 kilometers on a single charge. With a fast charger, you can fully charge in 30 minutes. The electric bus has a top speed of 100 kilometers and features a low floor and a 322 hp engine. It uses a high-performance lithium-ion battery that saves and recycles the energy generated by the brakes when going downhill.

The body is made of carbon composite instead of steel, which greatly reduces the weight of the car while enhancing durability. The electric bus is also equipped with an automatic swash plate for wheelchair users. The bus looks like peanuts and is decorated with a design that symbolizes the Nanshan Tower and Nanshan Mountain.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government replaced five buses on the Nanshan Ring Road with electric buses. The Government plans to gradually replace all 14 buses with electric buses to minimise any inconvenience caused to the public by the launch of new buses. The government also plans to build two additional charging stations in Nanshan by March 2011 to increase the number of charging stations to four.

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