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Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Industry Application
Aug 08, 2018

Carbon coated aluminum foil brings technological innovation and industrial upgrading to the lithium battery industry

Improve lithium battery performance and improve discharge rate

With the increasing demand for battery performance by domestic battery manufacturers, new energy battery materials are widely recognized in China: conductive materials & conductive coated aluminum foil/copper foil.

The advantage is that when the battery material is processed, it often has a high rate of charge and discharge performance, a large specific capacity, but the cycle stability is poor, the attenuation is serious, and the like, and has to be abandoned.

This is a magical coating that takes the performance of the battery and brings it to a new era.

The conductive coating is composed of dispersed nano-conductive graphite coated particles and the like. It provides excellent static conductivity and is a layer of protective energy absorbing layer. It also provides good occlusion protection. The coating is waterborne and solvent based and can be applied to aluminum, copper, stainless steel, aluminum and titanium bipolar plates.

Carbon coated coatings bring the following improvements to the performance of lithium batteries

1. Reduce the internal resistance of the battery and suppress the increase of dynamic internal resistance during the charge and discharge cycle;

2. Significantly improve the consistency of the battery pack and reduce the battery composition;

3. Improve the adhesion and adhesion of the active material and the current collector, and reduce the manufacturing cost of the pole piece;

4. Reduce polarization, improve rate performance, and reduce thermal effects;