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Sunda New Energy Takes You Into India EVEXPO 2018
Jan 03, 2019

Our company participated in the New Energy Exhibition in India from December 21st to 23rd, 2018. The flow of people at the exhibition was huge, and the number of enquiries was considerable, mainly focusing on the low-speed car battery system and the charging pile market.As a supplier of charging piles and power lithium batteries and a general agent of electric buses, Sunda New Energy has achieved significant results at this exhibition.


1. Time of exhibition: December 21-23, 2018

2. Exhibition location: New Delhi Exhibition and Convention Center, India

3. The exhibition products:

Complete vehicles: electric two-wheeled, three-wheeled vehicles, electric (hybrid) buses, electric (hybrid) buses, electric (hybrid) cars, electric tourist cars, electric golf carts, electric jeep, solar electric vehicles, electric vans , electric cleaning car, electric forklift, electric lift truck.Hydrogen energy, natural and other new energy sources, clean fuels, hybrid vehicles; various low-emission, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving vehicles;

Various power batteries and management systems: batteries, fuel cells and other energy storage systems; various battery production, testing, maintenance equipment, etc.; all kinds of waste battery recycling and three waste processing equipment, recycling technology, etc.; related infrastructure construction.

Charging device: charging (changing) power station equipment; energy storage device; charging and replacing energy management systems such as batteries and batteries; gas station expansion charging (changing) power station, new energy vehicle charging technology project solution, smart grid, solar energy, wind energy complementary New energy vehicle charging station technology products; parking lot charging facilities; charging station (device) power equipment and infrastructure;

Parts and accessories: low-emission energy-saving engines, hybrid engines and clean fuel engines; vehicle bus and control systems; motor electronic control systems; other related materials, processes, technologies; related testing, metering, mold equipment, etc.



4. ev2018 exhibition introduction:

The EvExpo in India is the only exhibition in India that focuses on electric vehicles.In order to promote the convenience and pollution-free environment of passengers, the Indian Ministry of Roads and Transportation and the highways have greatly popularized electric freight cars and personal electric vehicles, which will bring unprecedented business opportunities to the electric vehicle industry. The industry is considered to be It will double in a few years.The EvExpo exhibition promotes electric vehicles and will help create an important ecosystem for exhibitors, buyers and global leaders.The event aims to enhance awareness of parts such as electronics, battery rickshaws, batteries, motors, components and accessories.The platform will serve as a bridge for thought discussions and exhibitions to showcase the best bridges with all participants.


5. India's electric vehicle market prospects:

Air pollution in India is a serious problem, with 13 cities ranking the top 20 air pollution cities in the world.To reduce air pollution, the Indian government launched the National Electric Mission Plan in 2013, followed by several related programs to encourage Indians to switch to electric vehicles.The Indian government has proposed new policies and set targets. It hopes to reward people for buying electric vehicles through subsidies, and hopes that all vehicles in India will be electric vehicles by 2030.In addition, the Indian government continues to provide cash to vehicle manufacturers, encourage them to produce electric vehicles, and support the development of electric vehicle charging facilities.Goya, Minister of Electricity, Coal and Renewable Energy of India, decided to build on the above efforts and recently proposed new targets. He hopes that there will be 6 million to 7 million hybrid and electric vehicles on the street in 2020, and all vehicles in India will be made in 2030. Both are converted into electric cars.

The Indian Electric Vehicle Council has proposed a plan called “National Electric Vehicle Development in 2020”, which plans to develop Indian electric vehicle development goals and strive to significantly increase the share of electric vehicles in the Indian market by 2020.Among these goals, the Indian government hopes that by 2020, the country's new car sales of electric vehicles can reach 6-7 million.The government said it will promote the project through the introduction of various preferential support measures to help consumers accept this technology more effectively, because the current price level of this technology is high, so that most consumers have not really accepted it. .Not only that, but the Indian government will also invest in building an electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the country.The total investment of the Indian government on the project is expected to reach $3.6 billion to $4.1 billion.The Indian government will invest between US$2.2 billion and US$2.5 billion in the next 5-6 years.


6. The exhibition site at a glance:


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Picture8  Picture9

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